Below we have five of the top divorce mediation myths

Under Florida law, if your divorce is contested, you will be required to go through divorce mediation. Divorce mediation is designed to help couples deal with their issues about marital assets and children. Divorce mediation is much simpler than a litigated divorce, and will be easier in the long run.

MYTH: You will get less than you deserve from a divorce mediation.

This idea could not be more incorrect. Typically marital assets in Florida are equitably distributed. In other words whatever you and your spouse own gets split in half. The purpose of mediation is to help you and your spouse decide who gets what and establish a time-sharing family plan for the children, if you have any.

MYTH: My spouse and I will never be able to talk or come to an agreement

Natalie Baird is a highly trained, experienced Divorce Mediator, and she is certified by the Florida Supreme Court. Divorce Mediators are neutral parties that have no interest in seeing one side or the other ‘win’ or ‘lose’. In addition, Natalie specializes in remote divorce mediation. Using Zoom, you and your spouse are able to participate in the divorce mediation from wherever you would like. You don’t need to come and sit face-to-face in order to discuss the terms of your divorce. This can help ease tension and bring about a more productive mediation.

MYTH: The mediator will just make the decision for me

A mediator is simply a third party with with the tools to help parties come to an agreement, that will help guide you and your spouse through the course of your mediation. They have no authority in decision-making and are neutral by design. The only job of the mediator is to help foster a respectful conversation and reach a compromise between the parties.

MYTH:My spouse and I will not be able to come to an agreement

The courts in Florida would much rather see a divorcing couple come to an amicable agreement during the divorce mediation. While it is true that you are not required to come to an agreement with your spouse, it is in your best interest to. Natalie Baird has the wisdom and experience to help even the most disagreeable people to reach an agreement.

MYTH: Mediation is expensive

This might be the most incorrect myth there is. Mediation is far cheaper than a litigated divorce. Mediation is also less stressful and takes less time.

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