Natalie Baird-King, Esq.


Natalie is a keynote and inspirational speaker on how she overcame an abusive childhood and abusive relationships. She is an expert on forgiveness and has established the tools necessary to help others transform their life and live their purpose. Her career as an expert attorney has given her the experience of educating the public, businesses, non-profits, the legal community, and judiciary on the law and effects of domestic violence. She has been featured in the Metro of Tampa Bay and ABC Action News: Taking Action Against Domestic Violence. Natalie connects with her audience by sharing how she transformed her life to live a happy, joyful, fulfilled, and purposeful life.

Natalie Baird-King, Esq. does speaking engagements across the U.S. on the following topics:

  • Forgiving Unforgivable
  • Pardoning the Past to Acquire the Future
  • Re-writing the Future through Forgiveness
  • Resonating Forgiveness to a Level of Healing
  • Forgiveness: How it Impacts Work Productivity
  • Empathic Leaders Creating the Future
  • Retention
  • From Pain to Purpose
  • Mediation
  • How to Create your Mediation Practice
  • Mediating Successfully
  • Mediating the Impossible Case
  • Ethics and Mediation
  • Cases involving Special Needs Children
  • Domestic Violence
  • The Key to Co-Parenting
  • How Mediation Can Assist in Your Collaborative Case
  • Mediation Training

Forgiving Unforgivable

Empathic Leader Creating a New Future

From Pain to Purpose

Speaking Engagement

TEDx Bradenton

RE-Writing the Future Through Forgiveness

Natalie Baird-King is a survivor of childhood abuse and domestic violence. As a result of a boyfriend breaking her arm over 30 years ago, she pivoted her degree to be a dentist to becoming an attorney.

She has spent much of her life and career educating others about domestic abuse and the impacts it has on children, teenagers, adolescents, and adults.

Natalie is a Board Certified Marital and Family Law attorney who has who has been practicing for over 20 years. She is highly respected in her field and has litigated hundreds of family law matters. Natalie has also devoted her practice to family law mediations and has mediated over a thousand of family law cases and assisted families to resolve their cases versus the choosing to litigate their cases.

Natalie has recently authored her book Forgiving Unforgivable-The 4 Essential Secrets to Overcome Trauma, Stand Empowered, and Step into Purpose which is due Summer 2023. She is known as an expert at forgiveness. Through her journey, she has discovered the key to freedom through forgiveness.

Speaking Engagement

ABC Action News


Ernest HooperTampa Bay Times
The courage she displayed in returning to this year's Gift of Peace event and laying out all of her emotions left me in awe. The task may have seemed insurmountable for some, but Baird pushed forward through halting words and watery eyes, determined to make a difference.
Monica Frost, Esq.Attorney
The best word that I can use to describe Natalie is 'inspirational'. Natalie has developed the reputation and respect from the Family Law and Mediation community.