Virtual Mediations

Thanks to technology, we have the electronic capability to conduct your mediation through several virtual options.

The changes affecting our daily lives are creating unique challenges for each of us to consider and overcome. Luckily, your divorce mediation does NOT have to stall!

Our office is committed to providing continued mediation services for all of our clients. We are well-experienced in virtual mediations. All forms of mediation, virtual and otherwise, demand confidentiality, security, and privacy. With our conferencing platforms we are able to offer face-to-face, securely connected via videoconferencing or via phone — we have Zoom, Skype, Facebook Messenger and several other adjunct programs like DocuSign to make a virtual mediation seamless. We can accommodate you and your clients as we social distance during this unpredictable time. Don’t let your client’s mediation be an added stresser, we have you covered.

Schedule a Virtual Mediation

We were notified that the Courthouse Mediation and Diversion Services is suspended and mediations are postponed. We are well-experienced in virtual mediations and are still mediating at Natalie Baird Mediations virtually. Click below to schedule your Virtual Mediation.

Make a Payment

Easily make a payment through LawPay or Venmo by clicking the buttons below. We accept all forms of payment.

Considerations for Your Virtual Mediation

1. All Parties will need a high-speed internet connection and a video camera such as that built into most laptops, cell phones and iPads/tablets.

2. All parties must have an email address to enable the Mediator to provide a Zoom link to join the conference and to sign the final agreement via DocuSign.

3. Payment for the mediation conference is immediately due on the date/time of the mediation conference and must be paid via credit card.

4. All parties must agree not to photograph, screenshot, record or transmit the content of the mediation conference with any other person.

5. All Parties must agree to ensure the virtual mediation is confidential, and not monitored by third parties (significant others, family members, friends, etc.).

6. For efficiency, the Parties must ensure they attend the virtual mediation conference in a designated, quiet room with no distractions.

7. Parties must have camera operable on device.

Programs We Use

Helpful Links & Instructions

Download Zoom


Download Zoom for Desktop

Download Skype


Download Skype for Desktop

Download DocuSign


Download DocuSign for Desktop

Zoom: How to Join a Meeting

Zoom: How to Share a Screen

DocuSign: How to Sign a Document