Now that you have decided that you and your spouse are divorcing, there is a very important decision to make regarding how you proceed with your divorce. The traditional method, a litigated divorce, and the quicker method known as a mediated divorce, also called a collaborative divorce.

Below we will compare and contrast the two methods so that you have the information you need to complete your divorce in Tampa, or anywhere else in the state of Florida.

Litigated divorces in Florida
Litigated divorces slow. It involves a long period of time for a court process to play itself out. There are documents to be submitted and reviewed, discovery, court hearings, and temporary orders. Worse, more than likely the court will likely mandate you attend a mediation anyway. Because litigated divorces take so long, they are usually quite expensive due to the amount of time a lawyer has to spend on the case. You and your spouse will also be leaving the decision making to a judge instead of deciding for yourself how the marital assets are divided.

Mediated Divorces
A mediated divorce in Tampa Florida is a much quicker process that usually results in less stress and strife. Mediated divorces involve you and your spouse negotiating the terms of your divorce using a third party as an independent mediator. The mediator will guide and manage the negotiation until both of you can come to an agreement. Using Natalie Baird’s online divorce mediation, you can finish your divorce in as little as one four hour session.

The best part about online divorce mediation with Natalie Baird Mediations, because of the accelerated negotiations, a mediated divorce is often less expensive than a litigated divorce.

Here’s a few key points about online divorce mediation:

You do not have to meet in person
You and your spouse can live in different cities, States, or even be out of the country when you participate in your online divorce mediation. You could be in Tampa and your spouse could be in Fort Lauderdale.

Familiar surroundings can ease anxiety
You don’t have to drive to an unfamiliar office and sit in an unfamiliar room while you are negotiating. As long as you have a private, quiet room, you can attend your mediation using our video conference system.

A divorce mediator does not make decisions for you
Natalie, your divorce mediator from Tampa Florida is there just to guide the negotiation. She has no say in any decision making whatsoever and does not choose sides. She is completely independent.

Divorces can be tough. Not only is Natalie Baird a Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator, she is also a Board Certified Attorney in Family Law. She understands sometimes a spouse can be resentful and unwilling to negotiate. Natalie Baird has years of training and experience to help even the most contentious couple work through their demands and come to an agreeable compromise.

If you have any further questions, please give us call or fill out the form to have us contact you back.