Save time and money with a mediated divorce from Natalie Baird mediations. 

You and your spouse have decided that your marriage cannot be saved and now you are looking forward to the next phase of your lives.

You may be wondering:
You’re wondering how do we get divorced?
How do we divide all the things we own?
How do we plan for time sharing with the kids?

These are all excellent questions and you have two options when it comes to divorcing.

Those two options are a mediated divorce and a litigated divorce

Mediated divorces involve a simple appointment with a mediator like Natalie Baird of Tampa. Yes even years of marriage can be undone and finalized in as little as one 4-hour appointment. 

You and your spouse must gather all of the appropriate paperwork regarding assets and debt, investments and real estate, as well as information about your children if you have any. 

You and your spouse will then attend the divorce mediation and begin the process of negotiating through who keeps what and what debt goes to who. Mediation involves giving and taking. You and your spouse may decide to give up on aspect of your wishes to gain another. Nothing is set in stone and everything is on the table. 

The mediator from Tampa will act as a go-between for you and your spouse, meeting with each of you privately, in order to convey the wishes of the other side. This process of back and forth will continue until all of the issues have been addressed and the mediation is complete. The paperwork will be completed by Natalie Baird Mediations and will be sent to your attorney to be submitted to the court. 

The best part about this process is the fact that it is done completely online from the comfort of your own home or office. You do not need to deal with traffic driving around town, or meeting in some unfamiliar building. You can simply connect to your mediation using your cell phone, tablet or computer, and get started right away. The process is so flexible, you don’t even need to be in the same city or state as your spouse. Your spouse can reside in Miami and you can be on a business trip in Tallahassee. 

You can trust Natalie Baird of Tampa Bay to be an objective mediator. Mediators do not take sides during negotiations and they are only intended to be a conduit for conversation and negotiation. The decision making is completely in your own hands, not in the mediators. 

The alternative to a mediated divorce is the litigated divorce, and that is the less favorable of the two options. Divorces that are litigated can often take many months if not a year or more. They are significantly more expensive due to the amount of legal paperwork and process that has to be invested by your lawyer. Standard litigated divorces can also be filled with contention as tension builds and expenses increase. 

Most of our clients in Tampa leave happy after their mediation sessions. For more information and how to mediate your divorce, please give us a call or fill out the form to the left.