Here are your top five divorce mediation myths from Tampa Florida

Divorces can certainly be challenging and difficult. But that doesn’t mean that agreeing what happens with your marital assets and children is impossible. Under Florida law, if your divorce is contested (you and your spouse do not agree), you will be referred to a Divorce Mediator. Mediation is a time when you and your spouse can come together and decide on the conditions of your divorce. This might sound troublesome if you and your Tampa or Clearwater spouse can’t even stand the sight of each other. That’s when a trained divorce mediation expert like Natalie Baird is needed.

Myth number one

If you go to mediation, you will get less than you deserve.

Florida law says that the division of assets is to typically be equitably distributed. That means that typically all of the marital assets will be fairly divided. Marital assets can include property, assets and even debt accumulated during the marriage.

Myth number two

My spouse and I will not be able to talk

Natalie Baird has assisted in thousands of divorce mediations and is certified by the Florida Supreme Court. She has the experience to help with even the most disagreeable spouses. One of the tools Natalie has is the ability to do remote (or virtual) mediations. Not being in the same room can you have a calming effect on you and your spouse. Instead, you will connect via teleconference and have the meeting completely online.

Myth number three

The mediator will make decisions for me and my spouse

A divorce mediator does not have any legal authority to make any kind of decisions or pressure you into agreeing to one. A mediator’s job is just to assist in creating an environment of respect and communication.

Myth number four

It will be impossible to come to an agreement

Natalie Baird has years of experience with divorce mediation and collaborative divorce, serving the Tampa Bay area. She has helped thousands of divorcing couples end their marriage in an amicable way. Don’t forget the courts in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa would rather you achieve an agreement during mediation. If you do not come to an agreement during mediation, the decision will be taken out of your hands and a judge will make the final determination. This is highly inadvisable.

Myth number 5

Mediation is too expensive

A litigated divorce is far more expensive than a mediated divorce. A mediated divorce means less time in court, less legal fees and less stress.

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