We have built a top 5 list of mediation myths for you to check out. When you’re done please fill out the form to the left so we can help you with your divorce mediation.

Divorce mediation is a court-ordered meeting between you and your spouse to come to an agreement on the division of marital assets, children, and the overall conditions of your divorce. You and your spouse can each bring your own legal representation (your lawyer), and there will be a trained Mediator to help guide the conversation. There are many myths and preconceived ideas that are incorrect in regards to divorce mediation.

Myth number one

I will get less than I’m supposed to during a divorce mediation.

You can rest assured that marital assets in Florida are equally divided. That’s because Florida is a equitable distribution state. In other words, any kind of assets you own, including property are divided equally. Debt is also divided equally.

Myth number two

My spouse cannot be in the same room together

While it might be difficult for you and your spouse to talk, being in the same room is not an issue with Natalie Baird of Tampa, Florida. On top of being a Supreme Court Certified divorce mediator, and having plenty of experience dealing with spouses that can’t communicate effectively, she has one game changing tool. Natalie uses video teleconferencing (we call Virtual Mediation) to accomplish the mediation completely online. You will not need to sit in a room in Tampa or Clearwater with your spouse, but rather be in a video call with you, your spouse in separate virtual rooms.

Myth number three

A mediator will just pressure me into making a decision, or make decisions for me

A mediator in Tampa, Florida doesn’t choose sides in a divorce mediation. They have no obligation or legal authority to make any decisions during a mediation. Natalie’s job is to use her years of experience to help you and your spouse come to an agreement in the terms of your divorce.

Myth number four

An agreement with my spouse will be impossible

Natalie Baird of Tampa Bay is an extremely competent divorce mediator, and she has plenty of experience dealing with divisive spouses. If you are unable to come to an agreement during your mediation, the decision-making will then be the judge, which is not in your best interest.

Myth number five

Mediated divorces are too expensive

Mediated divorces are less expensive, less stress-inducing, shorter, and much more agreeable than a litigated divorce.

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