6 Most Common Divorce Mediation Challenges – Solved

Divorce mediation is a smart way to save time, money, and stress by avoiding litigation and resolving your issues more directly with the help of a mediator. Not only does it take the courts out of the equation, but it also gives the couples more control over the final outcome.

Still, divorce mediation is not without its challenges. To get the most from your mediation experience, solve the most common divorce mediation challenges with the following solutions.

Mediating Too Early

Even in divorce, timing is everything. Beginning the mediation process too early can force two people to work through things they might not be prepared for.

For the best settlement, give both parties enough time to process what is happening and come to terms with the facts of the situation. You’ll also need to gather all of your financial documents and have the paperwork ready to go to save time.

Coming to the mediation table feeling like you understand the full picture will help you approach the process feeling grounded and confident to negotiate complex topics.

Choosing the Wrong Mediator

Choosing the wrong mediator can make previous conflict worse with no settlement in sight. A license isn’t enough to cut it. Instead, look for a mediator with years of experience helping couples through a divorce. Reviews and ratings are a great way to judge other people’s experiences with them as well.

You want someone who is incredibly familiar with the law, a strong communicator, and can stay neutral even if things get heated.

Not Coming Prepared

When you don’t fully prepare for your mediation session, you can waste everyone’s time. Use the time you have leading up to your mediation wisely, going over all of the documents you’re bringing and discussing the facts with your attorney so you have a good sense of what you’ll be working through during mediation.

Unwillingness to Be Flexible

Mediation requires a give and take between both parties. If you’re not flexible at all, you may have trouble making any progress at all. You will have to compromise in certain areas, so know beforehand what is most valuable to you and what you may be able to give up to reach a reasonable settlement.

You could even write down what you’re comfortable parting ways with and what is most important to you so you can use some objectivity when communicating.

Not Disclosing All Assets

Discovering a failure to disclose all assets does not look good. Unless you have a prenuptial agreement that clearly states a specific division of assets, all assets acquired during a marriage belong to both spouses equally. If you try to hide something valuable, you will be found out, and the results won’t be in your best financial interests.

Fully disclose all of your assets and property at the beginning of your mediation process to avoid the conflict that will arise if you don’t.

Having a Bad Attitude

A positive attitude is key alongside a willingness to compromise. Even if it feels difficult to communicate with someone you’re angry with, staying kind and avoiding saying unhelpful things will keep the process productive for everyone.

Bite your tongue when it matters and treat everyone with respect, especially your ex.

Tampa Divorce Mediator

Don’t make the mistake of choosing the wrong mediator. The right mediator will ensure you avoid all of these common challenges by preparing you for the process and guiding your negotiations to keep them productive.

Natalie Baird is a Supreme Court Certified mediator with years of experience helping couples in Tampa reach amicable and fair settlements. Start your mediation off on the right foot by booking an online or in-person mediation with Natalie Baird Mediations.