Social Media and Divorce: What to Know

Social media is something new that divorcing couples now have to deal with. Before Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, divorcing couples didn’t have to use so much caution around what they did or said during their divorce process.

However, today, in an age where everything is publicized through social media, you need to be acutely aware of how your social media may impact your divorce case.

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7 Communication Tips to Keep Your Divorce Amicable

A divorce has a way of testing its participants, and communication that was once effortless can become a challenge. Despite the feelings you may have about your spouse during the divorce process, it’s important to practice mature and respectful communication to keep a divorce amicable and increase the likelihood of a favorable and fair settlement.

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7 Ways Collaborative Divorce is Different Than Traditional Divorce

Regardless of the exact steps taken between the time the divorce papers are filled and the final documents are signed, any divorce process is going to require a lot out of each party – financially, emotionally, and psychologically. There’s no disputing that divorce is an impactful experience. However, there are opportunities to adjust the divorce path in ways to make it less stressful, less time-intensive, and less costly for all parties involved.

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