A Guide to How Divorce Mediation Works in Florida

Divorce is never an easy experience, especially when there are high stakes involved such as property and children. The legal system can take a toll on both parties involved and it may be a costly and time-consuming affair. However, mediation offers an alternative way of resolving disputes before, during, and even after divorce.

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Healthy Distractions During Divorce: 8 Ideas

Divorce can be an emotionally and mentally taxing experience. It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed and even a little lost. While dealing with the complex emotions of divorce is important to healing and moving forward, always being alone with these thoughts won’t do any good. That’s why finding ways to distract yourself without relying on unhealthy coping mechanisms is essential.

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How to Improve Your Kids’ Transitions Between Co-Parenting Households

Co-parenting can be a challenging experience for many divorced parents. But, when kids are involved, it becomes all the more important to ensure that your children can make a smooth transition between the two households. Kids need consistency and stability on both sides to adjust well.

Read on to learn practical tips on how to make this transition easier for your kids.

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