How Long Does a Mediated Divorce Take? What to Expect.

Mediated divorces provide an independent, often more amicable alternative to traditional litigated divorce. Mediation can happen in-person or virtually, and both people work together with a neutral third party, the mediation, to reach a mutually agreeable settlement.

Mediation can be a happy medium for couples who don’t want to go to court and don’t feel equipped to handle the interworkings of their divorce on their own.

Mediation tends to cost less than litigating and can wrap up the divorce process faster as well. So, how long does divorce mediation last exactly? That depends on four factors unique to each case.

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Managing Emotions in the 5 Stages of Divorce: A Helpful Guide

The death of a loved one and divorce, while different in many ways, can often leave the mourning person in similar stages of grief as they cope with such a great loss in their life.

Both can turn life on its head, ruining a sense of normalcy and forcing a feeling of “starting over.”

Just as grieving individuals can find a bit of peace and clarity from understanding the five stages of grief, divorced individuals can also find some direction and support from learning more about the five stages of divorce.

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6 Healthy Ways to Spend Time When Your Children Are With Your Ex

When a divorcing couple has kids, they will always dread that first time the children go to spend time with the other parent. It’s unusual at first, to be without the children whose presence you’re used to having constantly, but the best way to get through it is to find healthy ways to spend that time.

Whether it’s your first time being alone without the kids or you’re still struggling with it years after a divorce, use these six ideas to keep you busy and add value to your life, not take away from it.

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Social Media and Divorce: What to Know

Social media is something new that divorcing couples now have to deal with. Before Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, divorcing couples didn’t have to use so much caution around what they did or said during their divorce process.

However, today, in an age where everything is publicized through social media, you need to be acutely aware of how your social media may impact your divorce case.

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