Divorces made easy by Natalie Baird 

Getting married is a very simple process. You get your marriage license and you have a wedding. Divorcing on the other hand is much more tedious and time consuming. It can also be full of resentment and confusion. Perhaps you are the one wanting divorce or you are an unhappy participant in the matter. Whatever the situation is, you are now faced with one of two different options for divorce: a contested litigated divorce and a quicker mediated divorce.

During the course of a litigated divorce, more than likely, you will be ordered to participate in a court ordered mediation to try to solve your issues before a court will. If you are going to being ordered to go to mediation anyway, you may as well do it on your own accord and save time and effort.

Litigated divorces can be extremely long, taking up to a year or more depending on the circumstances and how busy the court system is. (Hint, in the Tampa Bay area, the courts are busy). Due to the length and time of the legal process that must happen during a litigated divorce, your lawyer fees are bound to be high.

Make the right decision

If you choose a mediated divorce with Natalie Baird mediation in Tampa, there’s a very real potential that you could wrap up your entire divorce negotiation in as little as one 4-hour session. And the whole thing could be accomplished using our online divorce mediation system. In the old days, you had to drive through traffic to meet your divorce mediator at some midway point between you and your spouse.

All you have to do is open your computer.

Using our video conference software, you can participate in your divorce mediation from anywhere in the world. As long as you have a good internet connection and a quiet room, you can attend your divorce mediation.

If you are interested in Natalie Baird being your online divorce mediator, please give us a call for more information.