Divorcing in Florida? Finalize your divorce mediation completely online!

Divorcing in Florida has gotten much easier over the past couple years thanks to the widespread acceptance of virtual internet meetings and video conferencing . 

A typical litigated divorce can be a very long, drawn out and expensive venture. There are a long series of court proceedings that need to happen before you were actually divorced from your spouse. Because of the amount of legal paperwork, lawyer fees were can really begin to add up. 

If we were to tell you there is a method for divorcing that could be accomplished in as early as one 4-hour session, would you believe us? Well it’s fact and it’s called a virtual mediated divorce, or online mediated divorce.

Online virtual mediated divorces can be a quick and non-threatening alternative to a litigated divorce, let us explain how:

It’s completely online

You open your computer, click on a link, and you are at your mediation. This is vastly superior to getting dressed and dealing with traffic, only to have to meet in a unfamiliar office across town. You can conduct your entire mediation from any place of your choosing, as long as there is a private place that you can talk freely without anyone hearing. This could be your bedroom or your dining room, your office or even the park. As long as its private and has good internet.

You can quickly get to the heart of the matter

Mediation is dedicated time to working out exactly how you will end your marriage. Things decided during mediation are: 

  • working at a parenting plan for time sharing if you have children
  • dividing up your marital assets including real estate and investments
  • Finalizing the negotiation so your paperwork can be delivered to the court system in Tampa, Clearwater, or St. Petersburg.

We understand this time in your life can be a difficult and stressful situation. But Natalie Baird is a supreme court certified family law mediator and is here to help you and your spouse divorce in an amicable way.