How do you prepare for a virtual mediated divorce from Natalie Baird Mediations?

A mediated divorce, or in other words a collaborative divorce, is a time when divorcing couples from Tampa or Clearwater meet with a neutral third party to discuss the terms of their divorce. Divorcing couples do not meet together, but rather meet independently with an intermediary third party known as a mediator. Natalie Baird has been assisting couples with their divorce for nearly 10 years and she wants to help you with your divorce in the quickest and most equitable way possible.

When you prepare for a virtual mediated divorce, you will need to collect a couple things including but not limited to:

  • Bank statements
  • Investment account statements
  • Any documentation on real estate
  • Information on any debts
  • Anything else pertinent to the division of assets during your divorce

Before the mediation appointment, Natalie Baird of Tampa Florida will make sure that you have everything you need to conduct a successful mediation with your spouse.

Because the mediation is entirely online using video conferencing, you will need to have a computer or device that is capable of using a camera. This could be your cell phone or a tablet, or a laptop or desktop with a camera. You do not physically have to be at the same location as your spouse, so you could participate in a mediation even if you are thousands of miles away from St. Petersburg or New Port Richey.

You will connect to your own private meeting room and your spouse will do the same. You each may have your own legal counsel with you when connected to the virtual meeting room. Natalie will switch between the two virtual meeting rooms to help you negotiate the issues that are important to you.

You will need a quiet room where you will have privacy to conduct your virtual mediation. This could be a dining room or a bedroom, as long as others are not capable of hearing or interfering in your negotiations.

At the end of the mediation, Natalie will prepare the paperwork for you and your spouse to sign, and that’s it!

Natalie Baird is a Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator as well as a Board Certified Attorney in Family and Marital Law, so she understands how family law works in the state of Florida. Natalie has years of experience in helping even the most contentious divorcees negotiate a divorce that is agreeable to all parties. To learn more about virtual mediations and Natalie Baird Mediations in Tampa Florida, please contact us for more information.