How to tell your spouse in Tampa you want to divorce

Talking about divorce with your spouse can be one of the most challenging aspects of a divorce. Usually spouses can tell when the relationship is not going well. But what do you do if your spouse is not expecting the news?

What does the future hold?

Sometimes marriages just don’t work out for the long haul. Telling your spouse you want out can be very daunting. You might be worried about their reaction when you tell them you are no longer happy in the relationship. Additionally, you might be concerned about a resentful spouse during the process of the divorce. The key to a respectful divorce lies in how you proceed with the conversation.

Divorces in Tampa can be difficult.

It’s worth saying again – divorces can be difficult. Both you and your spouse may be in agreement that the marriage is no longer working, or you might be the only one that wants a divorce. Whatever the situation is, now you have to find a way to end your marriage in the easiest and least stressful way possible. There are two different options for divorce, and one of those options can be significantly cheaper and easier for both you and your spouse.

The two options

You will need to sit your spouse down and tell them that you are seeking a divorce. You will need to explain to them there are two ways that spouses can be divorced: A litigated divorce and a mediated (or collaborative) divorce.

A standard litigated divorce in the Tampa Bay area can be very lengthy and expensive. There are many legal processes including temporary orders, meetings and hearings. The time that it takes to finalize a litigated divorce could be many months and potentially up to a year or more. At the end of all that, a court will decide how your shared marital assets will be divided. You usually have no say in the matter at that point.

The other option, and usually the better one, is a collaborative divorce (mediated divorce) from Natalie Baird mediations in Tampa. A mediated divorce involves the spouses negotiating the terms of the divorce. These negotiations involve who gets what and how any shared debt will be divided. These things are in you and your spouse’s complete control. At the end of the mediation session you and your spouse will sign the papers, and the paperwork will be submitted to the court for final judgment.

This mediation session could be as short as one for our appointment, and then you can move on with your life. Depending on the complexity of the divorce some mediations might be longer. Everything can be handled during the mediation including distribution of your assets and debt, a parenting plan if you have children, real estate and business agreements.

The best part

This whole divorce mediation process is done virtually using video conferencing software, so you do not need to leave the comfort of your home in Tampa or Clearwater

If you are interested in a divorce mediation by Natalie Baird, we are here for you. Natalie is a Supreme Court certified family law mediator. Give us a call or send us a message for more information.