We all know how easy it is to get married. An inexpensive marriage license, a ceremony and that’s it. Divorces in Tampa Florida are unfortunately are much more difficult. When you and your spouse are ready to move on with your lives and are seeking divorce, you have a couple options. The first divorce pathway in Tampa Florida is a litigated divorce. The second is an online mediated divorce with Natalie Baird mediations in Tampa Florida.

Online divorce mediation is almost always less expensive than litigated divorce

Litigated divorces are usually significantly more expensive than a mediated divorce. This is due to the amount of legal process that is involved in a litigated divorce. Procedural events such as petitioning for divorce, serving the petition, temporary orders, discovery, mediation (yes, even mediation…anyway), deposition, preparing for final trial, and then the actual trial. The workload is significant and the amount of work your lawyer has to do will certainly cost you.

On the other hand, you have online divorce mediation that you can attend to negotiate the entire divorce in a single day. Because of the divorce mediation is online, you can attend remotely even if you live in Tampa and your spouse lives in Fort Lauderdale. At the end of the mediation, Natalie Baird will fill out the paperwork for your lawyer to submit to the courts. 

Online divorce mediation is almost always much faster than a litigated divorce. 

As we just stated in the previous paragraph, the legal process involved with a litigated divorce is long and expensive. With luck, it might be done in a year. The court system in Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg is quite busy. 

Online divorce mediation is less stressful than a litigated divorce

Divorce mediation is a time when you and your spouse will negotiate via third party in an amicable and respectful manner. Both you and your spouse are able to negotiate how the shared marital assets and debt are divided. There’s a lot of opportunity for give and take during this process. 

Online divorce mediation is also less stressful because you can attend using your own computer in your own home or business. You simply need an internet connection and a video enabled device such as a cell phone tablet laptop or desktop computer with a webcam. You don’t even need to be in the same building with your spouse. Your spouse could be on the other side of the country and you could be in Clearwater or St Petersburg.

You might think that your spouse will never agree to a mediation. Just try to remind him or her that you will probably end up in court appointed mediation anyway, so it would be advantageous in terms of cost and time to attend online divorce mediation willingly. Natalie Baird has been a Supreme Court certified Family Law Mediator for nearly a decade and she has helped even the most disagreeable couples come to an amicable agreement. 

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