Top 4 reasons why a mediated divorce is better than a litigated divorce

Before we start out with the top four reasons why a mediated divorce is better than litigated divorce, we should probably explain what each one is. When a married couple in Tampa or St. Petersburg is looking to end their relationship, they have two choices in regards to terminating the marriage. 

The first option is a litigated divorce. This method of divorcing involves a judge making a determination on how the marital assets will be divided. Oftentimes these can be extremely emotional because you and your spouse will be demanding that a court divide up property, debts and time with your children if you have any. Because Florida is an equitable distribution state, a judge will be making decisions that may or may not be in the best interest of the divorcing couple.

The other option is to do a mediated divorce in Tampa or St. Petersburg in which the divorcing couple makes decisions together on what will happen with shared marital assets. There are many benefits to a mediated divorce, and we will discuss them in detail below

#1 mediated divorces are almost always faster than a litigated divorce.

  • Litigated divorces in Tampa Bay require Court proceedings, hearings, and you are at the mercy of the schedule of the Court.
  • Mediated divorces can be conducted anywhere using our virtual mediation system which allows you, your spouse and your mediator to communicate independently to finalize the terms of your divorce.

# 2 mediated divorces are almost always less expensive than a litigated divorce

  • For the same reason a mediated divorce is usually faster, a mediated divorce is simpler and requires less time and paperwork from your lawyer. This saves hours of drafting and submitting legal documents, and less time in court.

#3 mediated are less contentious than a litigated divorce

  • Because you and your spouse are making all of the decisions about your family and marital assets, it’s much easier to negotiate the terms of the divorce and come to an agreeable outcome.

#4 Natalie Baird’s virtual mediations can be conducted anywhere you are

  • Virtual mediations are a new way of conducting your legal affairs using online video conferencing. You can remotely connect to your mediation even if you are at your office in St. Petersburg and your spouse is at their home in Tampa. As long as you have a quiet place with no interruptions, you can attend your mediation from the comfort of your own surroundings. 

Natalie Baird has been serving the Tampa Bay community for the past 10 years and she has helped divorcing couples end the relationship in an agreeable manner. She is a Board Certified Attorney in Family and Marital Law as well as a Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator. That means you can trust her in her years of experience to assist you and your spouse in a quick divorce. If you live in Tampa, St. Petersburg or anywhere in the State of Florida, give us a call to learn more about virtual mediated divorces.