You can finalize your online divorce preparations in a single day

You heard us right. If you live in the state of Florida, you can finalize the paperwork for your divorce in as little as one session using our online divorce mediation system. Let’s explain a little bit about how it works.

As with anything else nowadays, there is an ability to do work online. This includes divorce mediations. It’s a simple and legal process that allows you and your spouse to connect to your divorce mediation appointment via video conference. You do not need to be in the same building as your spouse, you can be across town in Tampa or you could be across the state in Miami.

Step one.

You will need a quiet room such as a bedroom or a den to attend your mediation. You want to make sure that it is private and no one can hear your discussion. You may bring your lawyer but no one else may attend your mediation with you.

Step two.

After you and your spouse connect to your divorce mediation, you will be placed separately in your own virtual private meeting rooms.

Step three

Natalie will connect with your virtual meeting room to go over the issues that are important to you and your spouse.

Step four

Using this back and forth method, the negotiations will move forward and your spouse and you can negotiate the terms of your divorce.

Step five

After you finish the negotiations with your spouse, Natalie will draw up the paperwork and give it to your lawyer for submission to the court.

To wrap everything up

Over the course of four or eight hours, you could potentially finalize your divorce preparations and all that will be left is the final hearing with the court, which will probably be online via teleconference as well.

Online Divorce mediators are neutral third parties

Natalie does not pick winners and losers. She is a neutral professional who’s only job is to guide the conversation so that you and your spouse can communicate to make an agreement. If you’re concerned about Natalie making decisions for either one of you, you can rest assured that is not the reality.

Natalie Baird is a time tested expert family law mediator and is certified by the Florida Supreme court. No matter how contentious your divorce is, she can help you finalize it quickly so you and your spouse can move on with your lives. Natalie has been helping people and their marriages for nearly the past 10 years and she can help you and yours.

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