Checklist for a Good Divorce Mediation

Getting ready to begin your divorce mediation? Most people who choose the route of mediation are hoping for the smoothest divorce possible. In order to make that a reality, there are a number of things to have prepared before entering the mediation room. While the initial stage of document-gathering may not be enjoyable, it can make a big difference in the actual mediation process. 

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There’s a lot more that goes into a good mediation other than documents, but without these basic pieces of information, you won’t be able to come to a final agreement at all. 

By putting in the effort, preparation, and time required up front, you’ll reap the benefits of a smooth and healthy mediation. Get ahead of the game by following this checklist of important documents and information to gather before heading in to discuss your settlement:

Asset Documents:

  • All biographic information of spouses (names, contact info, marriage certificate, etc.)
  • All biographic information of each child you’ve had together
  • Bank account statements, including those of the children’s
  • All balance statements of investments
  • All information of current vehicles
  • Information about any pending lawsuits involved in
  • Outstanding loan statements
  • Retirement account statements
  • Employee benefits statements
  • Current market value appraisals of any real estate owned
  • Approximated or appraised value of items with significant value (jewelry, art, antiques)
  • Owned business appraisals


  • Mortgage or loan statements
  • Vehicle loan statements
  • Student loan statements
  • Credit card statements


  • Income statements
  • Copies of tax returns from previous three years
  • Copies of corporate tax returns from previous three years


  • Life insurance policy declaration sheets
  • Disability policy declaration sheets

Marital Documents:

  • Marriage trust documents
  • Pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreements
  • Copies of any wills

By collaborating together to gather the appropriate information, you’ll be able to pull together all necessary documents in a short matter of time. Then, you’ll be able to go into the mediation room knowing that you’ve brought everything you need to come to an amicable decision and settlement. 

Once you’ve completed this checklist, get the healthy divorce you’re looking for in Tampa by contacting the attorneys at Natalie Baird Mediation.