7 Ways Collaborative Divorce is Different Than Traditional Divorce

Regardless of the exact steps taken between the time the divorce papers are filled and the final documents are signed, any divorce process is going to require a lot out of each party – financially, emotionally, and psychologically. There’s no disputing that divorce is an impactful experience. However, there are opportunities to adjust the divorce path in ways to make it less stressful, less time-intensive, and less costly for all parties involved.

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3 Ways Divorced Parents Can Plan For Their Child’s Future

A child is a lot of responsibility. They require a lot of attention and energy while they’re young, and a lot of planning and saving for when they’re older. 

The stress of all this can be hard to manage, let alone dealing with it after a divorce. Just because you’re no longer with your spouse doesn’t mean you can’t work together to plan and prepare for the future of your kids, though.

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